Hello, my name is Jennifer, and welcome to my Inner Light Divine website.

My roots lie deep within the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, where I was born and raised. Surrounded by all its natural beauty – the ocean, mountains, and forests – there is no lack of creative inspiration to be found.

My background is in horticulture and floristry, where I have worked for over twenty years. Photography is something I have always enjoyed and consider it a favourite hobby of mine. I can go out for hours photographing what “calls to me” or “inspires” me in the moment. I feel my energy growing as it is ignited with the “creative” spark. Capturing a feeling, a sense, or even message that can be intuitively conveyed through an image is my passion.  It is my meditation.

For as long as I can remember, I have also had a interest in all things metaphysical. I am now marrying the two together and beginning my journey as an “Intuitive Photographer”. What exactly does this mean – well I’m not totally sure as of yet. It is a work in progress and I am excited to see how it will unfold!

Over the last six years my focus has been on embracing and developing my intuitive skills. I believe that intuition is something we all innately possess. For some of us, it comes easy and naturally, for others it requires lots of work and development, and for some it is never acknowledged or realized. I am always eager to learn and grow in the area of metaphysical studies, and I am a firm believer that self-development is a life long journey. 


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