Homeward Bound

This morning I started to think about all the happy, carefree memories I had as a child. The times when I was wild and free, without a care in the world.  My only concern was going outside and playing.   The beach and the forest were my backyard.  I played for hours under the shady canopy of trees on the mossy, forest floor.  I’m sure the Fairies were always with me then.

To this day the forest is where I feel most at home and I miss it so.  The quiet solitude, the chirping of the birds, the swaying of the branches in the breeze.  A coolness provided by the shade of the trees on a hot summer’s day.  The dappled sun as it shines through the the branches creating a patch-like quilt across the forest floor.  The wild flowers and the buzzing of the bees, hypnotic as Mother Earth spreads her magic.


Being surrounded by the ocean as a child, I was a fish.  Swimming for hours, I never wanted to leave.  The Ocean is so healing and energizing and to this day when I go swimming, I emerge feeling so light and energized.

The call to return home is very strong for me now.  The need to embrace and acknowledge what needs to be healed,  my inner child can no long be ignored!  For so long I have kept that part of me hidden away and out of the light.  I feel that I am slowly loosing my chance to return to who I once was.  Someone with a heart wide open, laughter in my eyes, a wonder and trust for all that is.  Speaking and listening to the language of nature all around me…Mother Earth.

Not afraid to be who and what I am, allowing my light to shine for all to see, regardless of what may happen.  Being that fearless little person I was, investigating and learning the ways of life.  Not yet having been told by others, and believing, what the world should be and what my role in it is.

So each night I pray that each morning, I can begin to return more and more to who I am. That my true Soul essence will shine through, once again, lighting my way home.



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