Turning up the Light


As I woke up this morning I could feel my excitement for the New Year building.   Thoughts of endings, new beginnings and a fresh start running through my mind.  The possibilities for 2016 are endless and as big or small as I believe or think them to be.


I refuse to get caught-up in the New Year’s resolution trap, therefore,  I have not made any,  instead striving to continue working on my Spiritual Journey.  That which gives me purpose, strength and renewed faith,  in my life and Spirit.   If I want to continue to make forward, positive changes, doing the work is paramount.  Not just talking about it, actually “walking the walk”.


Change is a choice I make with the awareness that it takes time  to establish new patterns of both thought and habit.  That is okay and if  I fall down, I will pick myself up and start again and  continue to motor on.  Instead of berating myself, my focus will be on the positive progress and steps I’ve taken.  Being present for all my life’s experiences, whatever they may be,  is important as there are many lessons to learn through all of them.

Here is to 2016, may it be all that I imagine it to be and more!  I will live my dreams, face my fears and be present for all that I experience.  To the Universe and Beyond….









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