A Tuesday Afternoon….October 6


Today was a lazy “Sunday” for me except it is Tuesday which I kept forgetting. I knew I had to get myself outside into nature or I would become a “couch potato”. I couldn’t decide where to go, so I grabbed my camera and put one foot in front of the other and started my journey to a yet unknown destination.


At first I turned right then left and right again and found myself heading towards the grocery store thinking that I may just pick-up a few things and head back home. This would only defeat my purpose of getting outside, so I pushed myself to go further. I hopped on a bus and still was indecisive…..Beacon Hill Park, Cook Street Village, Ross Bay Cemetery or some random point in between?


While I was at the bus stop someone asked me if the #3 had gone by, which it hadn’t, as she was going to Beacon Hill Park. That was my answer, I’m going to the park but it didn’t feel quite right. As I was on the bus another travelor had a shopping bag that made me think of Fairfield Plaza.  Finally a destination point!


As I arrived at the Fairfield Plaza I still was unsure of where I was going….the Ocean was calling though. I picked-up a hot drink and headed across the street to one of my favorite places, Ross Bay Cemetery. The sky started to lighten up and the Sun had decided to make an appearance – how wonderful I thought.


I ambled down a pathway and found myself at the edge of Dallas Road. A majestic Blue Heron was just landing on some seaweed in the ocean preparing to find an afternoon meal. I took quite a few pictures from my view point, then crossed the road to the beach. Patiently, the Heron stands staring deep into the depths of the blue, clear, ocean watchful for a fish to pass underneath it. Success!


I then moved down the beach and sat close to the water on a log. The musical sound of the waves crashing to shore along with the sound of laughter as children were playing. The cry of the Seagull and caw of the crow, natures symphony.


A little girl was walking down the beach to play with the other children. She stopped behind me for a minute, I turned to look at her and she says “Seal”. Right in front of us a Seal had surfaced and looked at us curiously and then disappeared back under the ocean. I am so grateful the little girl pointed the Seal out to me.


A beautiful afternoon that started out with no real direction. I opted to go with the flow and the end result was perfect.



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