Letting the Light in…


For the past four years I have been searching, learning and growing.  I have always been a person who is constantly looking for answers to many of life’s mysteries.  It has been a time of ups and downs, more often down,  which is okay as I realize not every day can be sunshine and rainbows.  The most exciting thing from my life experiences  is that I am really learning and growing so much.  Processing, feeling and having some personal epiphanies.  If given the chance, I would never want to go back, unless I had the knowledge I have now.  This realization is so precious to me and I am very thankful and grateful for that.

1-P10401651-Jennifer's Pics 711

Nature is a great source of inspiration and peace to me.  It is in  a way a meditation  as I focus so intently on a plant, or the way the light is hitting the leaves of a tree.  The hues  and colors of the flowers, the veining of the foliage.  A buzzing honeybee slowly flying from flower to flower laden with pollen.  Breathing in the many different scents, the sweet smell of blossoms, the warm, rich fragrance of the soil.  Scented foliage and herbs being warmed by the sun  releasing  the  aromatic oils in the leaves to be carried on the breeze.  I could go on and on……


A plant does not question the light, it reaches for it, grows and just is.  There is no second guessing, should I grow or not,.  That is for me the biggest lesson.  Letting go and allowing the light in, it is everything….



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