A walk in the park…..


Last Sunday, here in Victoria, was a beautiful, crisp, and sunny day.  The decision to have a relaxing, leisurely day felt right and as the day went by the need to go outside began to build in me.  I had to push myself a bit to get out front door and thankfully I did.  With no destination in mind, out I stepped and my feet carried me first over to the Old Burying Ground, also know as Pioneer Square.  As I got closer to the square, the sound of church bells was ringing  through the air.  It is absolutely one my favorite things to listen to.  I spent a little time by the Christ Church Cathedral, taking in the beautiful tones of the bells, while church goers hurried by on their way to the afternoon service.


Onwards I went, heading towards Beacon Hill Park with the sun slowly beginning to set.   I looked up to the sky, the Moon was rising, looking so magical as it always does to me.   I try and imagine how it would be standing on the Moon gazing at the earth, what it would feel and look like.




With dusk fast approaching the light was so amazing.  The layers of subtle color in the sky, the silhouettes of trees creating drama to the eye.


As the sun was setting the rays were streaming through the park – creating a magical, almost mythical image to me.  It was if something so incredible was happening……


I ended up on Dallas Road looking across at the majestic Olympic Mountains covered with newly fallen snow and a beautiful sunset.


Being outside in nature is so energizing and good for our spirit and soul.


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