The Magic of Nature


I have always had a great love for all things “Magical”.  Nature holds a mystery to me that cannot  be put into words – it is a feeling, a sense and an inner knowing.  There is so much more than meets the eye.  All the creatures and beings that are there yet invisible to the naked eye for most.  We all inherently have the ability to see beyond our current realities –  it is whether we choose to.P1030423

How beautiful a garden is on a hot summer’s day.  The Bees are a buzzing, a beautiful Butterfly flits on by and if your lucky a Dragonfly graces you with its presence.  The smells of warmth – the Lavender and herbs.  All the wondrous flowers with their faces  up to the sun basking in its glory.  Nothing transports me more to my happy place than a magical garden.


Nature is and has always been my solace when times get rough.  The simple experience of listening to the wind blowing through the trees – the rustle of  leaves and cracking of the branches as they bend.  Waves crashing upon the beach in a rhythmic pattern – combined with the wind – Mother Nature’s music.   I close my eyes and focus on the present moment taking in all the wonder and magic, forgetting my concerns and just simply being….



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