Why the name Inner Light Divine?


A beautiful Lily with the sun shining from behind
A beautiful Lily with the sun shining from behind

Someone had asked me why the name Inner Light Divine?  To be honest I am not entirely sure.  Starting-up a blog had been on my mind on and off for at least ten years and I was getting closer to doing so.  My first step was opening a Facebook page to show my pictures which came about one morning as I was lying in bed.   I decided that’s it – time to start.  Then the name Inner Light Divine popped into my head.  First I had to see if anyone else already had the name and thankfully they did not.  So that’s what started me on my journey which has led me to my blog.

Inner Light Divine…..I believe we all have an “Inner Light” that is true and bright.  The light at times may be burning full force for some.  Others it is hidden, not quite ready to be seen.  Whereas some people sparkle here and there.  This light is our true Divine Spirit shining through.  It is in everything here on Mother Earth.

A Wild Rose hidden in the brambles until the light captured it's beauty
A Wild Rose hidden in the brambles until the light captured it’s beauty

Photography has been one constant thing in my life I have loved.   Along with my passion for plants and flowers and the natural world in general.  I am always amazed at how beautiful Mother Nature is!  It is always about the light for me.  I will take long walks by the water and through beautiful parks and historic cemeteries and be mesmerized by the images I see.  I attempt to capture in a picture what I see and feel – they may not be technically correct  – yet there is something within the image that has moved me.


My wish is that you enjoy my photographs and story telling of my view of the natural world and more through my eyes.

Thank you for stopping by.



One thought on “Why the name Inner Light Divine?

  1. Like a candle that lights another, the sun passes its light on to its “children”, be them plants, flowers or human beings. When they finally “open”, and are ready to fully experience life in all it’s challenges and glories, they shine brightly too : )


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